Get To Know NBDC

National Bank of Delaware County is an independent community bank located in the heart of Delaware County. And we look good for being over 120 years old...if we do say so ourselves! But more on that in a minute.

Throughout our long and colorful history, we have provided residents of Delaware County with high quality financial services, like Kasasa Cash, Tunes, and Saver, our line of high yield checking and savings accounts. Today, we continue that service, staying current with modern services like online banking, while continually providing the best customer personal service around.

Services Offered:

We welcome you to look around, open an account, and see for yourself!

Our History

The bank was originally chartered on Nov. 25, 1890 as the First National Bank of Walton, and opened for business January 2, 1891. The bank was one of the few that were able to withstand the challenges of the depression.

In 1929, the bank changed its name to the National Bank and Trust Company, which it remained for almost thirty years. In 1958, the bank made its first incursion into expansion, consolidating with the Bank of Andes and becoming the National Bank of Delaware County. It eventually opened a new office in Franklin, and in June of 1997, acquired an office in Hamden. In November 2007, NBDC added the National Bank of Stamford and its Roxbury office to the NBDC family, bringing the number of total branches to six.

A Commitment to Community

As an independent bank, we make it our business to reinvest in the communities we serve by making loans to individuals and businesses, and supporting community projects, events and charities.

There also exists a strong sense of volunteerism on behalf of our staff, which actively participates in the Relay for Life, Little League and other sports venues, local Fire Departments, Scouting, and the Salvation Army. Many also sit on local boards and committees around the area.

NBDC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Delaware Bancshares, Inc., a bank holding company.